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AA Auckland Property Management Services/ Investment Property Manager

AA Auckland Property Management service is the most cost-effective residential property management company to handle real estate in Auckland and the surrounding areas. We provide high-quality rental agencies in Auckland to our clients and customers.

We have an enviable reputation and provide property owners with industry-leading management services at a price that suits their budget.

Our approach to property management in Auckland is to assist owners in maximising the performance of their homes through our proactive communication, guarantees, and expense control.

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What clinets say

John & Emily:

In the past five years, we have had three properties managed by AA Property Management service. So thank you, you guys are fantastic!!

Rental Property Management in Auckland Region

Property Manager Responsibilities

We reduce the hazards of renting your property by offering the assistance owners required to maintain things running smoothly as an award-winning full-service property management firm.

AA Property Management Auckland focuses on all aspects of your property to get the most out of it. The wide variety of services we provide to landlords includes collecting rent and making repairs.

Furthermore, our property management services cover more complicated and sometimes unanticipated aspects of property management service, such as legal assistance and additional marketing for your property.

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Property Investors – Setting up rental property Management Auckland Services

Property Investors

There are several checklist items to consider when purchasing a property. Listing agencies give some appraisals, but why don’t we ask for second opinions from Auckland property managers?

Upon receiving your personal information, you are assured that you receive an adequate and accurate security assurance from our property management company. In cases when the property has already been rented, inspections are required for this purpose.

Return on Your Investment:

Maximise ROI

The monthly statements are detailed and easy to read and show me how our investment progresses.

They were working alongside people who leverage our knowledge and strategies to manage the most of their investments, nurture growth and move towards their goals.

Family Home Owners – Maximise your Rental Returns

Homw Owner

Maximising your returns, our ongoing research means we know the Auckland property market inside out. This means we can secure you excellent returns, and our professional management processes will ensure you’re not putting properties at unnecessary risk.

Comprehensive rental agencies in Auckland and the surrounding area

Auckland wide proeprty management

Evaluation of Customized and Free Rental Pricing

Rental Pricing

Setting the correct price for your Auckland property management may be a tricky balance, but doing it well will assist the owner in leasing quickly and to good tenants.

  • AA Auckland Property Management team can propose a reasonable range for rental prices.
  • We take stunning professional photographs of your investment properties.
  • Our exceptional service and extensive knowledge help with staging and bids for development and renovation projects.

Approval and Move-In

Renter Move In

Congratulations! Your new resident has been authorised! It’s time to begin drafting your lease now that you’ve confirmed their arrival. To make everything go more smoothly.

We will…

  • Prepare to negotiate on your behalf for the best lease terms.
  • Draft and prepare legal documents to reduce future risk.
  • Collect money needed to begin moving in.
  • Schedule and chair a new resident move-in appointment.

Applications and Screenings

Tenant Screening

We only hire individuals who meet our stringent screening criteria since not just anybody will do. We’ll handle all of the application, payment, and screening details so that owners don’t have to, including:

Deal with extensive background checks (including criminal) with significant providers to minimise risk.

Focus on credit evaluations, income verifications, employment/residential history and background checks. This can prevent rent arrears.

Scheduling and Showing

Home Showing

Our team act promptly to schedule showings as soon as possible once we receive word that prospective residents are interested, using:

  • We employ cutting-edge lockbox technology to ensure that your property is seen quickly in the rental market.
  • After viewings, our team provide fast access to feedback so that owner may stay on top of things concerning your property.

Property owner

Robert & Jennifer: THANK YOU for taking care of our first rental property. THANK YOU for

Finding me a suitable tenant within a week.

Earn More, Less Stress, Less Risk

It’s challenging to operate properties without property management service with expert knowledge! The whole process takes time and effort for maintenance, and you could wind up spending more than you earn. However, you’ll get a return on your property investment while also managing your time efficiently if you work with us.

Why Use AA Property Management

We do the hard work

AA Property Management service can assist with a high standard of maintenance, marketing, tenant selection, and even termination services. If you’re dealing with one house or a dozen, we can help.

Auckland property management experts in the industry

Our highly educated and experienced professionals understand what it takes to deliver thorough and professional property inspection services. We also go the extra mile to assist you in attracting, retaining, managing and paying great tenants at reasonable costs.

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For a consultation about the asset you own. It is in our best interest to assist you in meeting your financial needs with peace of mind.

Do property managers need to be licensed in NZ?

New Zealand property managers cannot obtain any licensing in this country and can’t answer any queries. However, in addition to the building and construction of houses, most of these people are licensed by New Zealand laws.

What is a property manager’s first responsibility to the owner?

The most basic duty of a landlord is to focus on collecting a lease. As a result, it’s usually one of the first responsibilities a landlord hands off to a property manager. Aside from collecting rent, our team may assist you in additional areas.

What is the management fee for a property?

The typical total property management fees for landlords are around 5-10% of monthly rents collected. So it may be worthwhile asking your leasing agent if they’ll reduce the price if you stay longer on a fixed-term contract with a guaranteed lease.

Do tenants and landlords need insurance?

Both landlords and renters should understand the importance of insurance. There is no legal obligation for New Zealand landlords to take out insurance. However, it is always essential to take measures to protect your investment.

What is the role of a property manager NZ?

Advertising and displaying property for sale and lease. Ensure a lease agreement for the clients. Take out payments. Obtain information on a potential dispute between tenants.

Do I need a property manager in NZ?

A landlord residing overseas for at least 21 days can appoint a representative from New Zealand. It is not legally necessary to hire a property management company for this type of circumstance.

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